Partnering with Parents for LIFE long success.

Go Beyond the Curriculum:

Homeschooling your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation. 

Discovering your child’s learning style

Navigating the high school years or local laws.

Developing future leaders and independent learners

Building strong character

Teaching self-advocacy

Cultivating strong communication skills

Inspire and motivate the next generation

Seeking guidance and support

Coping with Burn Out.

Rediscovering you “Why”

At the core of my coaching philosophy is the belief that SUCCESS IN LIFE STARTS IN THE HOME. 




Partnering with PARENTS to turn core values and soft skills into a LIFE-LONG FOUNDATION. I understand that it’s not enough to have an education; students must internalize and own their success skills. 

Identifying blind spots and tailoring the education experience to the specific needs of the student and parent allowing parents to overcome any obstacles that may be stalling the student’s productivity.

Supporting the parent as they navigate the Homeschooling journey, ensuring that transitions are as smooth and as successful as possible.

Building the parent and student through self-awareness and skill discovery. The building blocks of homeschool success is HOW students perform, interact, and communicate with the parent and educators. Understanding education beyond the books is vital to lifelong performance.  

Resolving parent-student conflict by improving communication and identifying communication and learning styles. 

Discover the fun side of learning with The Leadership Game.

Homeschooling for LIFE is foundational. I am here to give you the tools to firm up that foundation, improve homeschooling effectiveness, inspire and motivate your student, and create within your student a strong values/people skill talent that will carry through to the next generation. 

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